Low-E glass

    Low-E glass 


What if your house had windows like sunglasses? Low-Emisivity glass windows are just like having sunglasses    for  your house that filter the brightness of the light.

​ low-E glass


    What Is Low-E Glass


 Low-Emissivity glass, commonly called Low-E glass, is a type of reflective glass that is gaining in popularity,  especially in residential and office applications. Windows with Low-E coatings resist ultraviolet light. Low-E  coatings are very thin metallic  coatings that reduce visible light transmission by about 10 percent compared to  uncoated glass. 

 This is NOT a window tint film, the special coating is applied using either the vacuum (sputter) or pyrolytic  process.

  Low-E Glass Advantages

​​Because it resists ultraviolet light, Low-E glass prevents sunlight exposure from damaging carpets, draperies,  sofas and  other  furnishings. Plus, Low-E glass reduces sunlight glare in a room. Most importantly, Low-E  windows reduce energy costs by  helping to control the climate in the house.

 Low-E glass allows sunlight into a room without letting heat inside. In the summer this keeps rooms cool and  lowers air  conditioning costs. In warmer southern areas, Low-E coatings are usually applied to bronze, green or  gray tinted glass.
​ The coatings reduce glare and reflect the sun’s heat away from the structure.