Foggy Window Repair Roseville

Do You Have A Broken, Failed, Or Foggy Windows?

appearance of your home. We can also replace the glass in your window within your original frame..

​If so, it's time to replace them, it will only get worse. In either of those conditions it means the same thing; the seal between the panes has failed, allowing air to get inside. The condensation inside of the windows will not go away; as the summer temperatures rise, the moisture will eventually dry, or drop to the bottom, leaving a haze or streaks, much like the build-up on shower doors. Then during certain times of the year the condensation will return and the cycle repeats itself.
Some companies profess to be able to "fix" them by drilling a hole into the glass and drying them out, which actually creates a haze that has to be "fixed" by pumping in a fine mist of light oil to make it appear that the haze has been removed. You'll notice this "fix" when the sun hits the window at certain angles. By no means is this a fix, you've lost your energy efficiency and the air space can actually be a breeding ground for mold, which we all know is not a good thing.
We can replace these windows to restore clarity and energy efficiency, PLUS our windows are backed by a
​ 5 YEAR WARRANTY ​against seal failure!
​We can also upgrade the glass to "Low-E" glass which will reduce the UV ray exposure and also upgrade your energy efficiency!